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For City Council

Serving our Co​mmunity

Making Grande Prairie our Proud Home

Tammy Brown

As a City Councilor of Grande Prairie, I will advocate and be dedicated to you and your family by being grounded, working hard, and committed.  I have been a resident of Grande Prairie for 28 years and I believe passionately in Grande Prairie.  I have been married for 28 years and proud to have raised our two daughters here for the opportunities Grande Prairie has given our family.  Being part of Grande Prairie's growth from a small community to the City it is today, has made me passionate for the future development of Grande Prairie, by contributing and making a difference in this thriving City.  My educational background is a Diploma in Power Engineering Technology from S.A.I.T with a Third Class Steam certificate. I have worked with GP Council for Lifelong Learning in programing and have my Level 1 - for English as a Second Language Certificate of Teaching.  I have also worked many years in the retail industry in the city getting to know many of you.  Since becoming a resident of Grande Prairie, I have volunteered in many endeavors, starting with the Canada Winter Games in 1995 to the various Boards and Committees I have been on during my years here.  I am currently serving on the City of Grande Prairie's Advisory Committee. All of these experiences have prepared and shaped me for office on Grande Prairie City Council.

Caring for our Communities

Grande Prairie is made of many communities that make this city great.  It is with love and compassion for each other that strengthens us as a city.  The unity of all communities, groups and businesses support each other to become our best self.  A city that embraces the arts and humanities.  This passion we have for each other has helped Grande Prairie grow to the city it is today.  I will work with the city of Grande Prairie as it moves forward with low income housing that this is done with wise and disciplined spending.  The care of the less fortunate and those struggling have the resources needed to acquire for healthy living.  I will advocate for you and work for a positive partnership with other Municipalities, the Province and the Federal Government.     

Building a Vibrant City

I want to work together for you and your families for growth, sustainability, and for an economically responsible city with continued prosperity.  As a city we have experienced the hardships of Covid-19 and it's effects on the city itself.  I will look at areas of support for our city to encourage rebuilding and growth.   I will advocate for our downtown revitalization after years of construction. I will support and advocate for Economic Development in our area creating jobs and opportunities.  I will advocate for fiscal responsibility in maintaining existing city infrastructure.  I will fight for the hard working families of Grande Prairie for controlled and managed spending of the Cities Budget and capital spending, to help manage your taxes.  As a Councilor I am committed to have tough conversations to help Grande Prairie plan forward to grow and prosper.  

Making our Communities Safe

I will support and strive for a friendly, comfortable, and safe place for our residents that preserves the best of small town life in the city and embraces creative positive living.  For our police and fire services are available to our residents.  I will support and advocate for safety and beautification within our city. These areas are all now more important than ever to our families and residents.  For curb appearance of our streets, benefiting our residents and welcoming to our visitors.  For awareness of our communities and groups.  For public transportation within our city to be of access to all residents.  The safety and well being of every resident is of utmost importance.     


To contribute to a safe, growing, vibrant city that we are proud to call home.    


Building Grande Prairie's future upon our communities strengths, making a quality of life that all city residents want to achieve together.

My Experience

Boards and Committees

    • City of Grande Prairie Advisory Committee - Presently (2 years)
    • Grande Prairie Public Library Board (6 years)
    • Chair of GPPL Finance Committee (3 years)
    • Peace​ Library System Board (3 years)
    • Peace Library Executive committee (3 years)
    • Public Member of the “Pursuit of Excellence” City committee (9 years)
    • Treasurer of St. John Paul ll High School - Presently
    • Vice chair of St. John Paul II High School (3 years)
    • Vice chair of St. Gerard parent council (6 years)
    • Various leadership roles within our home Church in Grande Prairie.
    • Active parent member serving and volunteer within our families sports activities.
    • SAIT Senate Board (3 years)
    • SAIT Student Association (3 years)

My Pledge

As a City Councilor I will be dedicated to you and your families here in Grande Prairie. I will attend and take part in meetings and show leadership. As a Councilor I am committed to have tough conversations to help Grande Prairie plan forward to grow and prosper in an efficient fiscal manner. I will understand the policies and bylaws and be there to review them. I will advocate for you and work for a positive partnership with other Municipalities, the Province and Federal Government. But most of all I will be approachable, to be here for you and represent you, the Grande Prairie Residents, in our City as your Councilor

On October 17th Vote Tammy Brown for Grande Prairie City Council


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